cultur prospectiv
Stadelhoferstrasse 26
CH-8001 Zürich
Telephone: +41 (079) 744 28 92

The scientific members of the institute:

Dr. phil. Hans-Peter Meier, studies in sociology, national economy and social psychology. Founder and scientific leader of the Institute.
former President and member of the board of World Society Foundation.

Dr. ès sc. Susanne Hohermuth, studies in sociology, political science and teaching. Co-Founder of the institute, leader of the daily business and the publishing house.

Dr. phil. Therese Walter, studies in sociology, philosophy and linguistic. Certificated social worker.

CP-Institut AG
cultur prospectiv (CP-Institut AG) is a company with limited liability. It's aim is «social-scientific research, advise and the creating of projects indicating the future in important questions of society.» The responsible persons of the projects and works are the stock-holders of the institute.


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