world_drives.jpg • is an international network registered at the chamber of commerce of Canton Zurich as non-profit association • creates initiatives for projects focused on “glocalisation” in different countries, regions and municipalities. Current projects and initiatives • informs by Newsletters: Foundig document in Newsletter 0 • creates the world-observatory as tool for interpreting the daily events and publishing a monthly bulletin about scenarios of world society. (English: How many world? German: Wohin geht die Weltgesellschaft?

ya1.jpg Market hall in Yaoundé (Cameroon, picture cultur prospectiv)

Research Projects and Networks

World_Drives association has its roots in scientific conferences, projects and cooperations with Eastern European partners promoted by INTAS, World Society Foundation, SCOPES and SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation).

Eastern European Network

The next priorities are the survey and forecasting of geopolitical shifts in relations between Eastern European and Western European countries and regions.

The Newsletter 11 informs about the news and outlook of the next period.

LOCLAB - Globalisation and Local Labour Markets

The last multilateral project of INTAS including Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Switzerland concentrated on the impacts of globalisation on local labour markets in small and middle centres of the coutnries.

The Chernobyl Generations after 20 years: A comparative investigation in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine

At the occasion of 20 years after Chernobyl the comparative survey described and evaluated the long termed impacts of the catastrophe on different generations (project promoted by SDC).

From transition to interaction between West and East

The network initiated projects, mainly “Good Elephants” and “looking upward”, in order to enlarge the cooperation range (including additional Western, African and Latin-American partners). The initiatives focus on the role of Transnational Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility) and the impacts of “Global Economic Government”.

Newsletters, summaries and publication

African Network

Asian Network

A cooperation with China is planned and prepared for the next period.

Cultural Branch

World_Drives association is an organisation oriented to open access. It stimulates cultural projects promoting the image of world society in culture and arts of specific groups and nations.


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